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  • The company organizes team building activities
    Jun 30, 2021

          In order to enhance the understanding and friendship between employees, the company organizes travel activities every year to allow employees to relax during travel.      The company's corporate culture is an important factor in attracting employees. Our company is people-oriented, focusing on employees' healthy life and happy work, so that employees can learn a...

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  • PRIME company bought a lot of automation equipment
    May 18, 2021

        With the expansion of business, the company continues to introduce new machines to increase productivity for automated processing and production. Automatic processing equipment is suitable for processing high-precision, large-quantity products, and can better guarantee the quality.      At present, the competitiveness of machining is mainly technology and equipment. Th...

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  • A group of customers from the environmental protection industry visit our company for guidance
    Apr 08, 2021

             With the development of society, the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, and the demand for environmental protection equipment is increasing. Environmental protection equipment parts are mainly produced and processed. Its precision requirements are high, and the processing environment requirements are high, So high quality suppliers are ...

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  • U.S. customers come to China to develop suppliers
    Mar 23, 2021

          As a local machining supplier in China, with 18 years of machining experience, the supply chain is very mature, from materials to processing to surface treatment. These can provide a good guarantee for customers to provide stable quality products. The US customer’s business is mainly to repair aircraft engines,This field is both an opportunity and a challenge for us.The materi...

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  • American customers come to our company to visit for a long-term cooperation
    Mar 18, 2021

          Through a period of cooperation, American customers came to China to visit our factory in person, hoping to have more and more long-term cooperation through on-site inspections. Through the on-site understanding of the processing equipment,they can more clearly understand what type of product and what kind of accuracy is suitable for cooperation with our company.We show around...

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  • Complete measure equipments
    Mar 11, 2021

    We have a complete testing team and sophisticated testing equipment to ensure product quality and deliver satisfactory products to customers.

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  • A customer in the semiconductor industry in Japan visited our company
    Mar 02, 2021

           Japanese customers came to our company in person and gave a high degree of recognition to our processing equipment, testing equipment and personnel operations. At the same time, we proposed a series of plans for long-term cooperation. Both parties had in-depth discussions on quality and delivery. For this customer, the use of dedicated personnel can better control the qu...

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  • Canada went to China to develop new suppliers and included our company in the supplier system
    Feb 07, 2021

        Canadian customers have carried out all the verifications of our equipment and ISO system. At the same time, we discussed the drawings with our technical and quality inspection personnel to learn more about the follow-up long-term cooperation. The customer expressed affirmation of our company's processing ability, and said that it will enter the sample stage soon and start cooperatio...

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