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Stainless Steel Card Holding T-Shaped Expansion Tube

Customized processing according to customer's drawings.The difficulty of this workpiece is that the length of the shaft is too long and the concentricity is high.
Our company adopts the integrated processing of turning and milling, and then cooperates with the three-coordinate measuring instrument to measure the shape and position tolerance. The inspection records of each step and the continuous improvement of the process make this high-precision product stable in quality
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      Advanced Precision Casting Production Equipment, Quality Control Testing Equipment. With Many Years Of Precision Manufacturing Technology, The Material Is Checked. Introducing A Large Number Of Advanced Casting Processing Equipment; As Well As A Scientific Management System And A Enthusiastic And Honest Service Tenet, The Company'S Products Are Sold To Domestic And Foreign Markets. Friends From All Walks Of Life Are Welcome To Visit, Guide And Negotiate Business.

product description:
This is a T-shirt with three openings for connection. Both ends are female and male threads, and the male threads on the branches are used for connection, firmly tightened, and no leakage. Teflon tape is recommended for threaded joints.
T shape:
The T-shaped steering gear is a T-shaped, with three openings for connecting angle valves, faucets and hoses/pipes, two at the main pipe position, and one branch at a 90-degree angle from the middle of the T-shape. It can be used to retrofit an existing installation, or it can be installed during tile installation. The T-shaped diverter overlaps the edge of the floor covering to protect the edge from damage.
Industries Served:
Machinery, Electronics, Automatic equipment, Hardware,Automobiles, Computers, Chemical, Medical instrument, Defense, Printing etc.
Equipment List:
DMG 5 axis CNC machining center / HASS composite CNC machine / CNC Machining Center / CNC Lathes / Grinding Machines/ Milling Machines / Lathes / Wire-cuts / Laser Cuts / CNC Shearing Machines / CNC Bending Machines / etc.
Materials Capabilities:
Aluminum Parts, Brass Parts, PTFE Parts, Copper Parts, Steel Parts, Acetal Parts, Stainless Steel Parts, Polycarbonate Parts, Polystyrene Parts,Sheet Metal Parts, Fiberglass Parts, Carbon Fiber Parts, Nylon Parts, Titanium Parts, ABS Parts, PVC Parts, Sterling Silver Parts, Spring Steel Parts,Bronze Parts, Plastic Parts, Rubber Parts, Acrylic Parts etc.
Custom Machined Parts:
Auto Parts, Electronics,Enclosures, Flat Washers, Front Panels, Gaskets, Golf Putters, Heatsinks, Jewelry, Knobs, Machinery, Metal Brackets,Metal Spacers, Motorcycle Parts, Pulleys PVC Parts, Robot Parts, Shaft Supports, Sheet Metal Boxes & Enclosures, Shift Knobs, Spring Spur Gears,Steel Shafts, Toy Parts, Wrenches

Stainless Steel Machining Service

  • High quality precision machined components
  • Specialising in intricate, tight tolerance work
  • Extensive experience and high customer satisfaction

    IntroductionStainless Steel 316
    Working with Penta
    Stainless Steel Machined Parts
    Examples of our Work
    Stainless Steel Milling
    Stainless Steel Turning
    Quality Excellence
    What Makes Penta Different?
    Stainless Steel Types for Machining
    Relevant Industries
    Components and Applications

Here at Prime we are proud to have ship to stock status with a major aerospace manufacturer; making us equally confident in machining both aerospace and commercial grades of Stainless Steel.

Our dedicated team, commitment to quality and continuous improvement projects ensure our already exemplary service is continually improving. Whether you require manual or CNC milled or turned plastic parts, Penta Precision has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to meet your needs.

Working with Prime will allow you to:

  • Trust in a quality finished product
  • Meet project and buying deadlines
  • Spend less time chasing suppliers
  • Talk to someone about design advice
  • Focus on the vital parts of your job role
"Prime offers a highly professional, competitive and above all quality service. As one of our approved suppliers, we look forward to continuing to benefit from the close and ever-improving relationship."

Stainless Steel Component Industry Examples

We regularly machine parts for customers in the following industries:

Machined Stainless Steel Components & Applications

We regularly mill and turn a variety of stainless steel parts including:

  • Brackets                                  Adaptors
  • Grippers                                  Pulleys
  • Tooling                                   Plates
  • Connectors                             Collars
  • Pivots                                    Blocks
  • Arms                                     Beams
  • Bushes                                  Bearings
  • Housing                                 Bezels
  • Ribs                                      Shafts
  • Handles                                Guides
  • Pins                                      Latches
  • Hooks                                   Barrels
  • Levels                                   Links
  • Sleeves                                 Spacers
  • Spindles                               Washers
  • Manifolds                             Enclosures

Advantages of stainless steel turning services

– Prime has a special quality inspection department, before shipping, to ensure that all products are within the error range.
– High production capacity and competitive price.
– All precision CNC turned stainless steel products are subject to strict quality inspections.
– OEM express service can ensure that you receive the desired products, support DDP, CIF, FOB and other payment methods to ensure that customers can receive the goods safely.
– According to drawings or samples to manufacture precision stainless steel turning parts.
– Ouzhan has more than a dozen processing machines, integrated services, standard production lines, and comes with material certification and product test reports.

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