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Nov 11 , 2021

CNC Parts Machining Tools

According to CNC parts workpiece surface, it can be classified into five general types:

1. Tools for machining external surfaces, including turning tools, planers, milling cutters, broaches, files etc.

2. Tools for holemaking, including drill bits, reaming drills, boring cutters, reamers and internal surface scraping out cutter, etc.

3. Tools for thread machining, including screw taps, screw die, thread turning tools and thread milling cutters, etc.

4. Tools for gear machining, including hobbing cutter, Gear shaper cutter, Gear shaving cutters, bevel gears and scraping out cutter, etc.

5. Cutting tools, including circular saw blade, band saw, Cut-off tool and saw blade milling cutter, etc.

Before starting to manufacture any components, our dedicated account managers and project engineers will discuss the required performance of prototype parts with customers to ensure that only the most suitable materials, processes, production, processing, and transportation methods are used; if your product quantity is not large, The time is short, and high-end requirements, please choose this processing technology-CNC Machining, choose us PRIME, we will give you professional services from your inquiry.

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