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Cnc Precision Parts Processing The Selection Of The Surface Processing Method Of Cnc Machining Parts
Nov 05 , 2021

The Wide Application Of Cnc Precision Machining Technology In China'S 

Manufacturing Industry Has Made More And More Precision Machining Workers Pay More Attention To It. However, Due To The Complexity Of Cnc Machining Technology, Operators Need To Learn Well In Advance. Especially The Analysis Of The Processing Technology Of Precision Parts, Which Involves A Wide Range, This Article Will Analyze The Possibility And Convenience Of Cnc Precision PartsProcessing.

The Size Data On The Part Drawing Should Be Consistent With The Principle Of Convenient Programming.

The Dimensioning Method On The Part Drawing Should Be Adapted To The Characteristics Of Cnc Machiningon The Cnc Machining Part Drawing, The Same Reference Quote Size Or Coordinate Size Is Directly Given. 

This Marking Method Is Very Helpful For The Convenience Of Programming, And At The Same Time, It Is Also Helpful For The Coordination Between The Sizes.

Due To The Fact That Part Designers Generally Take Into Account The Use Characteristics Such As Assembly During The Dimensioning Process, They Have To Adopt The Local Decentralized Marking Method, Which Brings Many Inconveniences To The Process Arrangement And Cnc Machining. 

Since Cnc Machining Accuracy And Repeated Positioning Accuracy Are Very High, It Will Not Damage The Usage Characteristics Due To Large Accumulated Errors, So The Local Decentralized Labeling Method Can Be Changed To The Same Reference Index Size Or The Labeling Method That Directly Gives The Coordinate Size .

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