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  • CNC High-Precision Heat Sink Made in FuJian, China, Customizable Aluminum Heat Sink

    Customization Pure Copper Heatsink.We provide customers with radiators of various materials, diversified designs and diversified processes, to meet the various needs of customers.

    The shovel tooth is the shovel tooth process. The profile is processed into a specific model, such as a radiator fin, with a shovel tooth machine, and the finished product is the shovel tooth radiator.

    The shovel-tooth radiator is a long-striped plate profile (aluminum, copper) through mechanical action to cut the material into a sheet shape at a certain angle and straight, and repeated cutting to form a consistent gap structure, which is used to solve the problem under the condition of air cooling and heat dissipation. The heat dissipation of high-power devices can improve the heat dissipation efficiency by 8~15% compared with the plug-in radiator.

    Spade tooth heat sinks/radiators are widely used due to their superior performance. With the large-scale application, Tongyu spade tooth heat sink technology and technology are more mature, the degree of automation is gradually improved, and the cost and reliability advantages are obvious. 5G communication, UPS, base stations, charging piles, frequency converters, controllers, wind power converters, SVG, LED lights and other domestic and foreign customers.

    The shovel tooth radiator has the following advantages:

            (1) The shovel tooth heat dissipation plate is a whole profile without any connection points, which can give full play to the heat dissipation characteristics of the profile.

            (2) Tongyu's shovel tooth process can make the shovel tooth piece thinner/higher in density, with higher heat dissipation efficiency.
            (3) The processing technology is simpler than Winxuan's other water-cooled liquid-cooled radiators, and the weight is lighter and the cost is lower.
            (4) Compared with processes such as aluminum extrusion, there are fewer restrictions on size and so on, and it can be made wider and can be used for heat dissipation of machines with higher power.

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