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What does a CNC milling machine make?

What does a CNC milling machine make?
May 13. 2022

CNC Milling Machines are machines programmed, designed, and managed by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems to accurately and specifically get rid of materials by cutting a workpiece. CNC milling machines are computer-aided.

They require computerized controls and rotating different and numerous cutting tools to efficiently remove materials. The result of this machining process is to produce a custom-made product. CNC milling machines are used on various products such as glass, wood, metal, and plastic.

The machining process in producing the custom workpieces is called milling. Milling involves taking a piece of pre-shaped material and placing it on the milling machine. Then using a rotating tool chips the material in small quantities until the desired product is achieved.   

CNC machines are used in milling surface contours, profiles, die-cutting operations, and cavities. This is done by two or three axes milling machines on the table to be perfectly cut and milled. It is a complex machine and can be used in a wide range of industries such as the military industry, automotive industry, or aerospace industry.

This milling process is usually overseen and operated by a CNC machinist. The main goal of a CNC machinist is to transform an unused casting into a custom part that can be utilized in a large product. The parts being transformed require proper tolerance in comparison to the unused casting because the new parts are being customized to fit into a different product. CNC milling machines make the following;

· Flat Surfaces — A CNC milling machine creates flat surfaces that are sealed to eliminate any potential leaks in the future. They place the flat surfaces on a custom workpiece.

· Drilled Holes — CNC machines drill holes and add threads to workpieces through drilling and tapping. This is easier when assembling the parts into one whole piece. During the drilling process, it is essential to consider the depth and diameter of the hole to fit into the other product.

· Bored Holes — the CNC machine also creates or enlarges previously existing holes. This is done through further drilling the hole or using a boring bar to form a precise size of the hole needed. The best boring bar for this is the single-point cutting tool. This technique allows the parts being assembled to be tightly screwed into the product and to control the flow of materials passing through.

One of the major benefits of a CNC milling machine is that it can cut through almost any material to produce a custom workpiece at a faster rate compared to other machines. Some of the materials that a CNC milling machine can cut through are iron, steel alloys, aluminum, nickel, brass, etc.

The milling process is done by using equipment known as the milling cutter which comes in a blade design. A milling machine is commonly used in the manufacturing process in most industries and machine shops. They are used to manufacture precise high-quality parts in different sizes and shapes to fit a larger product.

· In the military – CNC milling machines are used by the military to create technological tools that can be used on the battlefield. Such as making enhancements to weapons, and body protection gear.


· In the aeronautic industry – milling services are needed in maintaining airplanes and jets and c=in creating products like hydraulic manifolds. Transmissions etc.


· In the medical Industry – CNC milling machines are used in making prosthetics, and cavities mostly for dentists as well as cups. In this field, dentists are known to use high-tech equipment to alter certain tools to meet the needs of patients.


· The automotive Industry – this industry is widely known for its use in CNC milling machines to create and alter vehicle parts and pieces. Some of these spare parts are pumps, cylinders, flywheels, piston rods, and engine blocks. They are also used in developing some motorcycle parts.


· They are also used in electronic appliances such as smartphones and computers in creating certain parts to complete the machines. Other than that, they are used in refrigerators, air conditioners, and television parts.


· In the agriculture Industry – in industrial agriculture, most CNC milling components created are used in helping with crop harvests. Some parts like gearbox casings, transmission housing, and cast parts are used in retrieving nutrients from the soil to help in better plant growth. This machine helps reduce labor costs and the time frame used in managing farms.


· In the energy industry – in this industry, a CNC milling machine is used in the mass production of components mainly in hydroelectric and solar energy plants. Even in nuclear technology, it Is used in replacing any broken parts and fixing them to fit properly. Some of the parts created are geared fuel pumps, valves, and many more.


When creating a new workpiece, it is important to consider the different capacities of the milling cutters and the material of the workpiece. If the material is soft the milling process can be done at a higher speed and if the material is hard then the process has to be done at a slower rate to be careful with the dimensions of the workpiece and the safety of the machinist.

This is also applied with time, if the material is harder it takes a much longer time to finish than if it is a softer material.

CNC milling machines require less maintenance and can be used up to 24 hours a day. It is also a flexible machine. In terms of the software, it is up-to-date on all features and only a single operator is needed in, and working as well as supervises multiple machines at once as long as the right program is loaded.

Milling machines are versatile and dynamic in their movements. They are easier to use in large projects and industries because they are automated and flexible in positioning. They can be placed vertically or horizontally to design materials better. Milling machines are automated using a CAD program. 

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