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The use of high technology makes machining development faster

The use of high technology makes machining development faster
May 08. 2021

One of the important trends of precision machining is the development of real-time error compensation technology. By drawing on the mature experience of foreign countries and combining the research work of the R&D team in this field.

This technology has been applied to more than ten different types of machines, including: turning centers and machining centers; small, medium and large machines; new products and modified machines. The accuracy is improved by 3 to 10 times. Error sources for compensation include machine geometry and thermal errors, errors caused by cutting forces, and workpiece thermal errors.

The technology mainly involves the following aspects: general method of developing real-time error compensation system; formulation of error comprehensive model; machine error mapping; optimal modeling; thermal error mode analysis; optimization of sensor position; error compensation caused by cutting force; Implementation of compensation control; and other key issues in real-time error compensation technology.

These technological advances can better solve the problems that cannot be overcome by humans, and thus provide technical support for processing more high-precision non-standard products.

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