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Advanced software management can promote the efficiency of CNC machining and production

Advanced software management can promote the efficiency of CNC machining and production
June 16. 2021

Nowadays, computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool undertakes more processing tasks than other common machine tools because of its highly automated machining ability and high performance. However, due to the lack of intelligence in machining process planning, machining procedure of products mostly depends on process planners rather than CNC machine tools.

We have introduced a management system suitable for processing and production, which can effectively control the progress of the product and ensure the delivery of the product.

To make product quality less dependable on process planner’s ability and improve the efficiency of process planning in order to fulfill changeable market, this paper presents an approach to design and develop CNC machining process knowledge base using cloud technology. The general standard STEP-NC is mapped to web ontology language (OWL) to describe machining process-related knowledge in a readable and comprehensible way. This mapping relation also makes knowledge suitable for storage in HBase.      Through this ontology model, descriptive and logical knowledge can be collected. Hadoop platform is used in this approach to provide the NoSQL database HBase for large-scale knowledge storage and MapReduce programming model for large-scale knowledge processing. Taking advantage of MapReduce, knowledge query engine and reasoning engine can be developed. Users can submit task and resource descriptive files to the cloud through CNC controller and get machining process solutions from knowledge base. Evaluation mechanism is also adopted to filter low-quality knoweldge.

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