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What is 5 Axis Machining?
Dec 01 , 2021
The types of 5-Axis CNC machining

What is 5-axis machining? Functions and application settings of 5-axis machining:

5-axis machining is a mode of CNC machining. Linear interpolation motion using any 5 coordinates among X, Y, Z, A, B, and C.
In other words, five axes refer to the three moving axes of x, y, and z plus any two rotating axes. Compared with the common 3-axis (x, y, z three degrees of freedom) machining, 5-axis machining refers to the processing of parts with complex geometric shapes, and the machining tool needs to be positioned and connected in 5 degrees of freedom.
5-axis linkage means that there are at least 5 coordinate axes (3 linear coordinates and 2 rotation coordinates) on a machine tool, and can be coordinated for processing under the control of a computer numerical control (CNC) system.

The five-axis linkage CNC machine tool is a high-tech, high-precision machine tool specially used for processing complex curved surfaces. This machine tool system is useful for a country’s aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other industries. Has a decisive influence. The equipment manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of a country's industry. It provides important means for the development of new technologies, new products, and modern industrial production. It is an indispensable strategic industry.

As an experienced and professional machine shop specialized in CNC manufacturing for many years, Purui  (PRIME) is capable of precision 5 axis CNC machining services and 5 axis milling.

Whether you are in need of high-quality and precise metal or plastic components, we can provide 5 axis machining parts to worldwide clients for a variety of industries including automotive, medical, military, aerospace, mechanical, machine tool, high-tech, and more, with excellent machining and programming skills, as well as 5 axis CNC machining center. Our engineers and machinists can perform true 5 axis machining services work and produce five axis machining parts with ease. No matter how complex the CNC machining parts, each step will be executed with a rigorous attitude, to deliver exceptional 5 axis machining components that demonstrate the highest quality standards. Even though any problems during the process, we’ll keep running the job and make adjustments until all the issues are addressed. If you require a well-established and cost-effective CNC machining company to take over your project, Purui can achieve your expectation.

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