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CNC Joint Alloy Custom Stamping Parts Processing Hardware Processing And Production Of Spare Parts

High-temperature alloy 4J29 material, specification: Ф48*9 (mm).
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PRJGJT-YXDH connection shell

      High-temperature alloy 4J29 material, specification: Ф48*9 (mm).
CNC turning and milling compound technology processing + precision grinding, dimensional accuracy ±0.02, smooth surface under 20 times microscope, finish 0.8.

      Products are widely used in aerospace, military electronics, communications and data centers, new energy vehicles, medical equipment, intelligent equipment and other equipment to connect and use.

Cnc Milling:

We Have A Range Of Modern Cnc Machining Centers Which Gives Us The Capability To Offer A Service Covering A Wide Variety Of Requirements.

Cnc Milling Can Cover A Range Of Processes From Drilling And Tapping To Boring As Well As Complex 3d Metal Removal Because Different Jobs Have Different Requirements.

Our Machines Consist Of 3 To 5 Axis Vertical Machining Centers With Extensive Tooling And Work Holding Equipment.We Have 4 Axis Machining With 800mm In The X Axis And 5 Axis With A 600mm Table. 

Cnc Turning Machining Service:

With The Development Of Modern Technology,There Are More And More High-Strength And High-Hardness Engineering Materials.Traditional Cnc Turning Machine Has Been Unable To Meet Or Realize The Processing Requirements Of Certain High-Strength And High-Hardness Materials, While Modern Hard Cnc Turning Technology Can Make It Possible And Obtain Significant Benefits In Production.The Following Is A Brief Introduction To The Characteristics Of Cnc Turning Machining:

Precision Stamped Parts & Custom Metal stamping

TSMC is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of high micro precision parts, or called precision metal stamping, we can formed many different shapes from round, rectangular, flat, wedge materials and many custom requirements.

We manufacture parts for many of a broad range of customer applications and offer a vast variety of size and material. Ranging from small parts 0.05mm of width and 0.02mm of thickness, available material in stainless steel and exotic metal alloys, along with our in-house surface finish or assembly work also engineering support from the preliminary design to fabrication.

Backed by our extensive experience, remarkable of engineers and the latest equipment, we have the capabilities to manufacture custom metal shapes and parts for a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, marine, medical and construction industry and more.

Years of design and manufacturer expertise enable us to meet the needs of the world's most demanding applications as well as custom metal stamping.

Cnc Turning Machining Efficiency Is High:

Cnc Turning Uses Large Cutting Depth And High Work Piece Speed,And Its Removal Rate Is Usually Several Times That Of Cnc Grinding.Cnc Lathes Can Complete Various Surface Machining In One Clamping Process,While Grinding Requires Multiple Installations,So The Auxiliary Time Of Cnc Turning Machining Is Shorter,And The Position Accuracy Of Each Processing Surface Will Be Higher.

The Cost Of Equipment Investment Is Low.Under The Same Productivity, The Investment Of A Lathe Machine Is Obviously Better Than That Of A Grinder,And The Cost Of Its Auxiliary System Is Also Low.In The Production Of Small Batches Of Parts, Cnc Turning Does Not Require Special Equipment, And The Processing Of Large Quantities Of High-Precision Parts Requires High Rigidity, Positioning Accuracy, And Repeat Positioning Accuracy For Cnc Machine Tools.

From The Perspective Of Processing Technology And Programming, Five-Axis Cnc Machine Tools Have The Following Advantages In The Processing Of Complex Inclined Surfaces:

1.Improve Processing Quality And Improve Efficiency.
2.Expand The Processing Technology Category.
3.To Achieve A New Direction Of Compound Development Trend.
The Prime Team Has More Than 15 Years Of Combined Experience In Prototype Machining,Cnc Manufacturing.And Has A High-Level Technological Group Of 30 Peoples.The Processing Quality Of The Rapid Manufacturing Is Stable,The Processing Precision Is High,And The Appearance Is Exquisite.If You Need Any Help,Please Feel Free To Contact Us.


As a full service manufacturer, TSMC provides complete fabrication services, our engineering team have capability to supply the custom parts with unique dimensions, features and finishing as well as a complete sub-assemblies to fulfill a production application’s needs. Our experienced engineers can work with our customers’ engineers to recommend manufacturing methods, materials, tolerances, and finishing from idea conception to final product delivery.


And as always we are committed to providing quality products and service.
Our service includes:
1. Springs, precision metal parts and plastic injection parts manufacture.
2. Many kind of Shaft parts process with CNC Lathe.
3. Product Surface treatment : PVD, CVD, TELFLON COATING, parylene coating ..etc.
4. Precision laser cutting, laser welding, laser engrave services
5. CNC milling precision processing.
6. Springs, Metal precision and/or Plastic Injection parts combination and assembling.


  • At TSMC, our Precision Stamping Parts are widely applied to Solar Equipment, Medical Equipment, Aerospace Equipment, Electronic Components, Cooling Module, LCD Industry, Wireless / Telecommunications Equipment and Others Digital Equipment.

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