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What industrial products can a CNC milling machine make?

What industrial products can a CNC milling machine make?
August 09. 2022
CNC Milling Machines are machines used for cutting and removing materials from a pre shaped material known as a workpiece. These machines are programmed and run automatically by Computer Numerical Control (CNC).  A computer Aided Design (CAD) software is pre-installed in the machine to help the user in running the machine efficiently.  
A CNC milling machine mainly consists of a spindle and three linear axes namely X, Y and Z axes. This helps the workpiece to move or stay in one position during the milling process. there are some machines with 4,5 and even 6 axes for more complicated and demanding finished products that require precise and accurate sizes and dimensions. 
There is a wide variety of products that can be made by CNC milling machines from glass to plastic and even wood materials. Different industries use CNC milling machines to make industrial products that can aid in manufacturing of their raw materials into finished goods. The industrial products are used as parts of machines in the production cycle. The following are some industrial products that a CNC milling machine can make;

  • A Hoop 

A hoop is a material that is used for fastening another product or material. It hugs other materials to keep them fixed and tight. A CNC milling machine creates hoops using premium quality stainless steel making it anti-rust and corrosion free giving the hoop a firm fixture. A hoop can be made by a 3-axis CNC milling machine, it has a diameter of 8mm with two holes on each end to fix a material in place.

They are U-shaped and they are used in holding heavy rods or pipes in a firm position. Hoops are widely used in fixing pipelines of petroleum, power hydraulic systems, water and gas and chemical pipes. They are used in different industries such as machinery, medicine, automotive industry, electronics and many more. 

  • Stainless Steel Card Holding T-Shaped Expansion Tube
Creating this product is a little difficult hence, uses a 5-axis CNC milling machine. This is because the product has a high concentricity and a very long shaft. The workpiece has a t-shirt shape with three openings. The openings at the end are known as male and female threads and they are used for connecting to each other. The two openings at the end are used for connection using threads or Teflon tapes. This tightens and holds the product firmly to avoid any leakage.

This workpiece is used in connecting faucets, pipes or hoses ad well as angle valves. The T-shaped gear can be used in installing tiles as well as modernizing an existing installation. This helps to protect the edges of the tiles from getting damaged. It is also used in other industries such as automotive industries to make motorcycle and auto parts, in manufacturing of jewelry, hardware equipment like metal Brackets, metal Spacers, shift knobs, spring spur gears and wrenches.

  • POM (Polyoxymethylene)
This is a thermoplastic material which is commonly known as Delrin and Acetal. The material is characterized by its high accuracy, stiffness, dimensional stability, as well as good resistance from abrasion and chemicals. POM is used in in making more materials from plastic that are useful to different industries.  Some of the uses of POM are in connecting various components like screws and nuts, in mechanical gears and guiding elements. 

POM is used as an alternative to traditional metallic materials due to high tensile and impact strength and rigidity. It is used in the electronics industry, and in automobiles. It is also used in construction of buildings. 

  • Aluminum Die Casting Material 
A CNC milling machine also does die casting. This is a method of forming cast products made from magnesium, copper, aluminum and zinc-based alloys. The process is cost effective and creates a thin cast on products with complex shapes. During the process it can perform up to 100 castings in an hour. 

This process can be done using a 4-axis CNC machine. it requires thermal heating and undergoes several cycles until the finished product is completed. Die casting is commonly applied in the wind power industry on wind turbines to avoid erosion, gross fracture, corrosion and cracking. This increases the life and performance of the wind turbines and the coating.

  • Medical Aluminum Parts Processed by High-Speed Carving Machine
This product is made by a 5-axis CNC milling machine due to its complexity and need for accuracy. It is widely used as part of medical equipment used for treating patients. It requires high precision and appearance to ensure that the equipment works properly as it could endanger the life of a patient if something goes wrong. This product is difficult to make because of it is very thin on the sides, and in the middle has a protruding hill. Because of these features, the milling process needs to be done very carefully to avoid deformity. 
The 5-axis CNC milling machine is perfect for making this workpiece because of its stability and control over flat and parallel materials such as this equipment. After the milling process the device is also colored as a surface treatment, anodized in a blue color. This is done to match the equipment that It is going to be attached to. Apart from this product, there are other components produced by CNC milling machines for high grade surgical equipment and instruments such as bone screws. One bone screw is up tot one millimeter in size, making It very small. This requires precise and flawless finishing to avoid any discomfort or harm to patients that would use it. 

These industrial products are integral in running and operating various industrial machines. Hence, various manufacturing pants and industries opt to buy CNC milling machines in order to make their products according to their needs and demands. Some products require 2 and 3 axis CNC milling machines while other products that are more complex and require accuracy and precision use 4, 5 and 6 axis CNC milling machines. 

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